Nicola Tomba

holds a degree in the Science and Techniques of Cognitive Psychology
Nicola Tomba is the QUID+ expert who identifies simple and effective techniques that all parents can use to help their child learn while having fun. He has a vast knowledge of the most advanced pedagogical methods, some of which are still not known in Italy.

Together with his wife, Dr Emanuela Foletto, Nicola Tomba began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), thanks to which he learned and put into practice techniques for improving memory and learning abilities.
Following the birth of their daughter, Elisa, they both became interested in the world of child education, in particular in several American and Asian pedagogical methods that were completely unknown in Italy.
The aim was to look for simple and practical techniques that can be applied in every family. Activities that, while entertaining the child, yield tangible results. Dr Tomba therefore decided to pursue a degree in the Science and Techniques of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Trento.
In May 2017, he participated in a seminar with Y. Tobiani, the founder of one of the methods set out in “Giocando imparo a conoscere” (Learning about the world through play) which, together with “Giocando imparo ad amare” (Learning about feelings through play) are the courses that Nicola Tomba and his wife have been offering since 2009 to help parents develop their children’s potential to the fullest.
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